Do you want to escape the summer heat and find an ideal place for relaxation, free from the nightmare of noise and pollution? Your search ends with us. Welcome to Kasauli Residency; Bread & Breakfast …Step into our territory and be a special guest. Captivate the finest of views of the mountains far beyond and the vast plains. Undisturbed with the company of all that is beautiful….cool breezes, lovely sunsets and quiet mountains, we offer you a luxury that is priceless.It’s a sheer experience of getting trapped in the haze. The wind rustling through the pine trees and the distant call of the hill birds is all that remains.


Our Testimonials

My kid’s first birthday celebration went off amazingly well thanks to the excellent hospitality and catering by these experts. Thank you Kasauli Residency!

Aradhana Suri

Commendable service! A big thumbs up to these professionals for putting up such a good show.

Rajesh Sajwal

One of the best hotels in terms of service and hospitality I have ever come across. Thanks to them I had pleasant evenings to look forward to after a hectic day at the conference that I was attending. Cheers to Kasauli Residency.

Raj Khanna

Kasauli Residency has been my first choice for my organization’s annual conferences. And these experts have never given me any chance to complaint about any aspect of services. Highly recommended for corporate meetings.

Mandeep Gill

The travel desk at the hotel is a really great add on. I don’t think any travel guide would have been able to help me in such an efficient manner as the guys at Residency’s travel desk did. Thanks for making my stay wonderful.

Ramendra Chaudhary

I hosted my first wedding anniversary bash in Kasauli Residency on my friend’s recommendation. I cannot tell you how amazing the entire event was organized. All thanks to Kasauli Residency’s Team.

Renu Arora

During my one day halt at Chandigarh on my way to Simla, I stayed at Kasauli Residency. Well, I must say the service impressed me so much that in my return I stayed in the same hotel for a couple of days and explored the City Beautiful.

Abhishek Madan

Planning a surprise anniversary party for my mom and dad was made so easy thanks to staff members at Kasauli Residency. Thanks to them I was able to present a memorable evening as a silver jubilee anniversary gift to mom and dad. Thank you Kasauli Residency.

Richa Garg

A serene location, great hospitality and delicious food – these three words sum up my description of staying at Kasauli Residency. Highly recommended for first time visitors to this part of the world.

Bikram Malai

I was happy with the overall experience that had during my two day stay at Kasauli Residency. These guys really know how to please the guests for sure.

Amit Trivedi